Steps that can help in unblocking a toilet in Woodford

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March 16, 2016
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April 22, 2016

Unblocking a toilet is a task that you can be able to carry out by yourself without calling in a plumber. However, if you find that the task is a lot more challenging than you had initially anticipated, don’t ever hesitate to call in a plumber. When you are dealing with a blocked toilet Woodford, you need to have the number of a good plumber at hand for any emergency that may arise.

Step one: do it manually
If you have an idea of what could be causing the blockage and you feel that dislodging manually is a possibility, you should put on some gloves and just do it. If you manage to dislodge it, then you should flush out all the debris and the functioning of the toilet should be restored back to normal.

Step two: use of hot water and gravity
Sometimes getting a blocked toilet Woodford unblocked takes some hot water poured from a height. The water may be able to dissolve whatever is blocking and then gravity pushes the water through the pipes harder than what is normally the case as you flush. Handle hot water with care to avoid scalds.

Step three: suction
A toilet can be unblocked using a plunger and there are different plungers designed for that particular purpose. You need to have the right model so as to have the issue handled within no time at all. You need to push the plunger down in a slow motion to create a vacuum, and then pull the handle to dislodge the particular clog. The bowl has to have water in it to get the effect that is desired.

Other methods that can be applied include:
Use of commercial drain cleaners for your toilet. This works well when the blockage is organic in nature.
Professional help: this is a great idea when you are not so sure on the way forward or when all the above methods fail to work.

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