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March 18, 2016
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April 24, 2016

Drains can cause a lot of untold suffering. Do not even try to think how it feels to experience a blocked drain for instance a blocked sink during the night. It is chaotic but it happens. It is thus important to know who you can turn if such a case happens to you. We at blocked sink Woodford offer professional plumbing services. We know the plumbing systems in and out just like you know the back of your hand. Ours is a team of professionals dedicated to what they love doing. Our main aim is to help solve your drain problems within the shortest time possible so as to reduce the inconveniences caused.

What it takes to be served by our team
It takes nothing much but a call to have our team reach your place. Our expert engineers will listen to what you have to say and then take a survey of the area with a problem. They will also conduct an intensive inspection in order to establish the cause of the problem. You will then be advised on the way forward for you to make the decision. If you have questions and doubts, the team will listen to you. Once you agree with the kind of work to be carried out, you will be given a favourable quote. We do have hidden charges because we hate them as much as you do.

We advise home owners and business people to make sure drain maintenance and servicing is carried out regularly. In this way, problems are beginning to develop are noticed earlier and rectified. This is one of the ways you can save some money rather than waiting for an emergency. If parts of your drain are old, we can provide latest plumbing technology parts in use to ensure your system is efficient. We can also overhaul your system and come up with a modernized system.

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