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June 26, 2016
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Heating costs in the coldest winter months are 3/4 of overall expenses for energy. This is the reason why you should install energy efficient heating system but also to maintain it well, in order to avoid Heating repairs Woodford. This year we recommend paying particular attention to prepare heating system for heating season. Prices of energy grow so every saving will be helpful. For one, pay attention to heat regulators. Every degree in your life space will decrease price of energy for 6%. If valves are not working properly, then it is not possible to regulate energy, which is then spent unnecessarily. Daily temperature in your home should be around 20 C while night temperature can be 4-6 C lower.
In order to make the most from the heating system, boiler should have the highest possible level of usage. Energy most efficient is condensation boiler. When you install condensation boiler, you will have 10-15% savings in comparison with other new boilers and up to 25% for boilers over 30 years old. Characteristic of system that increases boiler efficiency is electronic switch that will eliminate the need to maintain the flame when there is no need for the heating.

If you have boiler over 15 years old you should consider getting a new one, both for the same of increased efficiency but also to cut down on costs for Heating repairs Woodford. Gas heating is currently most popular heating options in houses and business buildings, especially in cities where gas infrastructure has been prepared with the development of the community. Gas is still the cheapest type of heating.

Installing gas heating in areas where there is no communal gas installations isn’t any complicated due to it. Only thing that is necessary is outside space for gas reservoir. Our professional employees will arrive to provide all the necessary info and options so that heating system installation is as simple as possible and without a single problem.

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