How to unblock a manhole

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If your household depends on a manhole, then you surely know the importance of maintenance and cleaning in order to assure good manhole functioning. A Blocked manhole Woodford is a bad consequence that you want to avoid, and for this maintenance and prevention are the keys. In order to avoid a Blocked manhole Woodford, one should follow the advice below to ensure good manhole function. It is necessary to know where and how a manhole is positioned as well as where waste waters are taken to from the manhole. If you need professional assistance, it is important that you know to tell professionals where the manhole piping and drains are located.
In order to prevent blocks, it is important to avoid pouring oil or other liquid fats into the sewer system. Fats and grease create solid blocks of material that can completely stop manhole function. Sanitary pads and other similar products are not degradable, so it is important never to flush them down the toilet because these instantly block the entire sewer system.
Chemicals can seriously damage the manhole and its system, so never pour down chemical waste into the toilet. Try to prevent excessive water flush toward the manhole because this can provoke manhole overflow.

Substances that contain additives and rejuvenating materials shouldn’t be added into the manhole because these can cause the destruction of good bacterial flora in the manhole as well as the development of a large volume of foam. If there are trees near the manhole, make sure that it doesn’t root toward the manhole and damage its construction/walls. Never park your car on or near the manhole because its weight can damage piping or a manhole and cause system destruction. With proper construction and maintenance, the manhole will not deposit too much waste and dirt, and this will ensure its good long time function.

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