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July 1, 2014
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The gravity fed heating systems are more often than not to be found in the older houses and have hot and cold supplies. There is usually a cold tank fitted in the loft and a hot water storage cylinder fitted in a space like an airing cupboard. The larger the drop from the base of the cold water tank to the top of a showerhead, the better a shower fitted in that system will perform. This type of system will take the fitting of a pump to increase the flow rate. Woodford Plumbers are trained to work on all types of heating systems. The gravity system begins as the cold water mains comes into the house through something called a main stop tap, which is the main isolator for the house. Once the stop tap is opened, the water wuill make its way straight up to the higher floor and then on into the loft. Once there, it is controlled by a ball valve that begins to fill a smaller tank via a feed water inlet valve. A Woodford Plumber carries all the correct tools. This smaller tank is known as the feed and expansion tank. The feed tank, then allows the water under the force of gravity to flow out and run down to a boiler and from there out to the central heating radiators.
As the system becomes filled with water, a ball valve closes and the water in the heating system and radiators circulates, normally. The water just stays in the system. This means that you could leave the house for a week and still leave the heating on. To find the system in your house, climb up into the loft and locate the feed and expansion tank. The tank will be around 500x300x300mm in size, and will be the smallest if two tanks are fitted. But if you search and cant find it, then, you probably have a high-pressure central heating system.

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