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All additional work that is done on domestic plumbing pipework should not have any detrimental effect on the quality of the fresh water flowing through the pipework. All companies, consumers and any individual who install water fittings and work on plumbing systems are bound by The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the Water Industry act 1991. A Woodford Plumbers tradesmen obey the rules set out in the current regulations. We strongly recommend that you use an approved plumber who will be able to ensure that the work complies with the regulations. So, if there is a requirement to change or replace any part of the plumbing in a property it is essential that it is carried out to the highest standards of safety. The use of approved plumbing materials and the services of a professional tradesperson like a Woodford Plumber is the sensible way to deal with this issue. The Core Objectives of the Industry Act are to give cost effective support to water companies by providing interpretation and enforcement of the Water Fittings Regulations1. To represent the UK water supply industry on the Water Fittings Regulations1 and contribute to the development of codes of practice and standards. To provide processes and guidance to enable organisations and individuals to demonstrate compliance with the Water Fittings Regulations1. To promote understanding of the Water Fittings Regulations1, through marketing and communications and advice. Water Regulation and Supply has the job of helping to protect the public’s health by preventing contamination of the publics water supplies and maintaining the efficient use of water by promotion and facilitation and compliance with the Water Supply Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. It is a subscription membership company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on 4 August 2008. The subscribers of WRAS are the 26 UK Water Suppliers.

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