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There are strict regulations that govern all plumbing work that is carried out in the United Kingdom, whether in a home or any other building, these regulations are there to guarantee that we are all protected and hopefully kept safe. There is work, however that must be inspected and or certified unless it is only a minor job this work really has to be carried by a professionally qualified and registered service like Woodford Plumbers who work in abeyance of these rules and regulations and issue guarantees for all the work that they complete.

1). Building Regulations.

2). I.E.E (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Wiring Regulations.(I.E.E) wiring regulations cover the use of things like earth bonding on all plumbing installed that requires it and they are extremely important. It is very easy for this to be ignored, but, think for a second, you may have a plumbing problem that needs to replace copper pipework with a plastic one, or you use a plastic fitting to branch off a supply to a new dishwasher. In these cases there would be a lack of bonding as the pipework is now plastic and not metal. The earth bonding continuity can be re-continued by linking an earth cable to a metal earth clamp on each side of the break in the pipework. A Woodford Plumber has expertise and is qualified in all aspects of plumbing work.

You fit a new sink or change a section of pipework, it is vital to ensure that all the plumbing is bonded to earth to protect against electric shock should it come into contact with a live electric cable. The relevance of the I.E.E. Wiring Regulations does not stop here. There are instances where an electrical supply is needed for the operation of a plumbing appliance for example, electric showers and garbage disposal units. Always ask for Professional help if you are unsure.

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