Dual Flush Toilet

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Dual flush toilets give you the privilege to choose from two distinct flushes. It is a variation in a toilet system that uses two handles or button. It offers the facility to homeowner to flush his toilet by using two different levels of the water. By purchasing a dual flush toilet with both high and a low volume flush, homeowner can save his money due to different water levels. Plumbers Woodford mentions some advantages of Dual flush toilets, which are as follows:

Advantages of Dual flush toilets
Minimize water expenditure
Cutting Edge Designs
Reducing energy bills

Minimize water expenditure
Using a dual flush system in opposite to a standards toilet can minimize water expenditure up to 65%. There are many municipalities where drought is a major concern, where similar laws have been passed to conserve diminishing water resources. The dual flush toilets are a relatively new technology to start with and its innovative fixtures have been so easy to use.
Dual Flush Toilet

Cutting Edge Designs
The other advantage of dual flush toilets is that they have innovative appearance and different designs. Dual flush toilets are a relatively new product in the market, and companies are struggle to make Dual flush toilets as aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and easy to use for the homeowner. Toilet comes in a huge variety of cutting styles, it also have different flushing mechanisms.

Tricky Plumbing
The only drawback of Dual flush toilet is the plumbing work required to facilitate these toilet is much more complex than your conventional toilet plumbing work. When you decide to install a dual flush toilet for your home, it is better to contact a professional plumber. It will help you to make sure that Dual flush toilet of your home is problem free and it works exactly in such a way that it is supposed to operate. Contact our company at Plumber Woodford.


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