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Compression joints tend to make short and easy work of most types of plumbing jobs that need joints to be used. It is one of the best inventions of the last couple of decades. It is flexible and can be used in a variety of places. This compression fitting will normally fit the major types of pipework which have the same nominal size i.e. a 32mm compression fitting will fit to any 32mm waste pipe. The recommendation is that only one type of plastic pipework should be used, and a compression fitting (universal fitting). Woodford Plumbers regularly use compression joints.

In order to use the compression fitting you will firstly take it apart. Place the nut from the fitting onto the pipework, and take the hard plastic ring and also onto the pipework. Press the rubber washer onto the pipe. The washer will have a taper on one of its edges, so make sure that the taper is pointing to the fitting. Finally, Press the fitting onto the end of the pipe and slide everything else down to it. The nut can be hand tightened at first, being aware that it is very easy to cross thread these plastic types of fittings. So ensure that they are threaded together correctly especially where the nut is involved.

Little pressure is the best way to hand tighten the nut just to make sure that it is on correctly and securely. This is usually enough to guarantee that it stays dry. A Woodford Plumber carries and uses all types of compression joints.


Whilst hand tightening this joint is normally ok, as it is quite realistic to have a good watertight seal using this method, however, if you find this is not enough you can always give it extra turns with a pair of pump pliers.

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